About the Company

The company Translats is an official forwarding agent on the Latvian and Lithuanian railroads and is a member of the Latvian Association of Freight Forwarders. The company has a wide experience in the area of railroad freight forwarding in the CIS and the Baltic States.

Translats was formed on 14 September 1994. It has direct contracts with the Lithuanian, Latvian railroads.

During the operation time the company has achieved something crucial – to keep its loyal customers, which allowed for a sustainable operation under complicated conditions in recent years. This means that our staff has had enough experience and competence to flexibly adjust to constantly changing conditions on the freight forwarding services market.

We shall be glad to cooperate with any reputable and solvent partner.

Aleksander Presnyakov
Board Chairman


Freight forwarding via the railroad systems of the CIS and the Baltic States.
Tracking of freight dispatch, movement, and delivery including the information on the transferring of cargo at the border-crossing points.

Elaboration of cargo transportation options aiming at the minimization of customer's transportation expenses.

Competitive rates for import, export and transit shipments.

Professional approach.

Consulting on the CIS tariff policy, as well as the International Railway Transit Tariffs and Uniform Transit Tariffs.

Implementation of the computer system Extranet to save time and money when registering and processing applications.
Transit through the Land Border-Crossing Points of Latvia

From the moment it was created, the company Translats has been among the largest forwarding agents on the railroads of Latvia.